Frequently Asked Questions


I have type two diabetes, can I take ERAD Plus™ Pre-D? If so, what are the benefits of taking this supplement?

Yes, ERAD Plus™ Pre-D works as a synergist with your prescribed medications and/or improved lifestyle through promoting healthy physiological stress which is not currently being addressed by regular medications. However, ERAD Plus™ Pre-D might result in low blood sugar if you are simultaneously taking prescriptions. Please consult your healthcare provider before using it.

Will this product interfere with any medications I am taking for type 2 diabetes?

Please see the answer above and also our Product Page for Adverse Effects, Warnings and Precautions.

I am a healthy person with normal blood sugar levels. How would I benefit from this product?

We encourage you to take ERAD Plus™ Original or Pre-D. You will find the rationales if you Google “ERAD” and “Diseases”.

Is ERAD Plus™ effective for reversing type 2 diabetes?

ERAD Plus™ is sold as a dietary supplement, so the FDA prohibits any claims of curing or preventing diseases. ERAD Plus™ is to be taken with your improved lifestyle and/or medications for managing diabetes.

Are there any adverse side effects associated with this supplement?

Please see our Product Page for Adverse Effects, Warnings and Precautions.

Is ERAD Plus™ Pre-D beneficial only for those who are pre-diabetic?

ERAD Plus™ Pre-D is specifically designed for people with pre-diabetes. However, normal, healthy people may receive benefits from its adaptogen function. It contains everything that ERAD Plus™ Original has (although at a lower dosage) and berberine whose benefits, in many ways, have been widely and scientifically documented.

Will taking this product allow me to eat and drink anything I want?

Absolutely not. When it comes to managing diabetes, nothing is more important than leading a healthy lifestyle. You may indulge yourself occasionally and ERAD Plus™ may help. ERAD Plus™ is not snake oil. It is a scientific achievement. Everything we tell you, including leading a healthy lifestyle, is based on science.

Should this product be a part of daily supplementation for long periods of time, like other supplements, such as vitamins?

Genetically speaking, some people may not need ERAD Plus™ at any point in their entire lives, if they don’t abuse their own bodies. However, for most people we recommend that they alternatively and continuously take ERAD Plus™ Original and ERAD Plus™ Pre-D, the same way they would take other vitamins.

Regulation and Cultivation

What is the main active ingredient inside this product?

Please see our “Supplement Facts”.

Where are the ingredients for this product sourced?

We source our ingredients from all over the world, however all our manufacturing is done within the U.S. All the ingredients and finished products are tested following FDA standards to ensure the highest quality product is manufactured under the most stringent safety procedures.

Is this product FDA regulated and approved?

The FDA does not approve any supplements. However, we follow FDA regulations strictly. All our products are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility under strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

Has this product been clinically tested? (or Clinically proven?)

ERAD Plus has been tested by its inventor (Servo BioLabs) for the pharmaceutical benefits but not for its supplement function. BioPleo has not been authorized to make public comments on the results.


I have not received my order. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service representatives.

What carrier do you use for shipping? How long should I expect to wait for my order?

We use major carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. Shipping to most areas in the lower 48 states should take at least 1-3 business days to arrive.

Do you ship International?

Unfortunately, we do not take international orders online at this time. Please contact our customer service with your shipping address and we will refer you to our trusted distributors.